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Content creator - travel blogger - story teller - photographer - enterpreneur

Travelensa is travel resource, digital nomad adviser and experience stories about how living in Germany.

We provide travel resource and travelhack based on our knowledge and experience during traveling more than 10 years.
How to plan your trip, arrange an itinerary, destination recommendations.
How to get cheap and comfortable accommodation based on your budget.
Equipment preparation.
What should you do in your destination, like event information, attractions, culinary.

We will also share about my experience as a travel blogger and digital nomad. How to get money during traveling, how to get income from the internet through traveling.

For a while we are settled in Germany and will share about how living in this country.
We also provide information about how to study, working, internship and aupair in Germany.

Travelensa Official

Travel Resource  and Digital Nomad


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Content Creator – Travel Blogger – Story Teller – Photographer – Enterpreneur

Recommended Travel and adventure photographer, bring more value to our authentic journeys.
Helmi Bahar Alim
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72076 Tübingen, germany

small city near stuttgart with a beautiful landscape and historycal old town and castle.